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Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Torsdag, 09. juni 2011 19:52


“Paul, you are out of your mind!”  Acts 26:24

We are indebted to the Americans because of the word “challenge”.  Of course we have a similar word in Danish, but its use is less dynamic. The business world is an exception.  The business man doesn´t face problems,  -  “just another challenge”.

Christians don´t always like to be challenged. The same old, old is good enough, and Christian churches are programmed every week with the same boring agenda.
Boring?  Yes, but “safe”.   A safety, however, that makes the church a machine.

The world has often more wisdom or commonsense. When I was taught to teach in my young days, our instructor challenged us, “The students should never know what´s going to happen.  The element of surprise should always be there!”

The church machinery is deadening. How should we go about it?  I´m constantly learning how not to go about it.  I have certain kind relations to our nearby parish church, a ritual Lutheran one, a boring one.  I could challenge it about its rituals, wrong doctrines, etc.  Would that challenge work?  No.  Not in Denmark nor in the U.S.

My friend, the real challenge is the Lord Jesus Christ.  Be related to Him afresh day by day, and then your life will automatically be a challenge to others.  Not a challenge to a certain denomination or a theological system, but a challenge to Christ.

This won´t lead to a life of ease.  You´ll be misunderstood, scolded at as just out of your mind, labeled crazy, even by good Christians who may do what you just can´t do because of your relationship to Jesus Christ.  However, don´t think in those terms if you want an easy life.  But is the of hand the Lord and His loving rebuke that much upon you that you have no other choice, take courage.  Be sure of at least one thing:  Your life will not be boring!   And one thing more:  You will have His peace.

June 9, 2011 - jn

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