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Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Onsdag, 07. oktober 2009 16:23

I´m not, as you know, an Olympic fan.  I say this to illustrate a point only.  The general feeling in Copenhagen was that the speeches of mr and mrs. Obama gave the US presentation (which I found pretty boring) the finishing touch.  They were to most people so personal, emotional and sympathetic that the Chicago-contract had to be, by law of necessity,  almost in the bag.   The very  presence of Obama, everybody´s hero, with all his charisma, cast an almost supernatural spell over the event.  Nobody doubted that the IOC members whose votes were going to be decisive had to be impressed.  All the watching world was, indeed.

What happened?

Chicago wasn´t only turned down but got the least number of votes in the very first round and was immediately out!  Shock waves were sent throughout congress center, including the big American delegation (till that moment looking like a self-confident smiling victory parade) with all its celebrated multi-millionaire stars.  Obama himself was deeply disappointed, of course, getting the sad news in Airforce One on his way home.

The President of Brazil, Lulu da Silva, didn´t have Obama´s charisma.  He looked like a grandfather without making a lot of fuss, rather a little shy, and he faltered out in plain terms, “We´re the only ones here who haven´t had the Olympic Games so far – to us it isn´t just another game as it is to the other candidates.” It wasn´t easy for him to be the next speaker after the powerful Obama.  But his simple, rustic words went home. He won and his old eyes were filled with tears.

What is my point?  This object lesson reminded me again of the fact that eloquence, charisma, charm and personal magnetism are not enough.  At least not as a servant of Christ.  A witness of Christ may be weak, fearful and trembling but anointed with the Holy Spirit he is a power for God!  Comp. 1 Cor. 2:1-5.


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