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Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Onsdag, 07. oktober 2009 15:32

“By declaring the truth openly do we recommend ourselves…”  (2 Cor.4:2, the Danish rendering and the NEB translation)

Pilate asked,  ”What is truth?”  (Joh. 18:38).  In his political career truth was never relevant.  In this present world lies, pragmatism,  opportunism, greed and lust for power, etc.  are still relevant and needed  components.  So when the Lord witnessed of a kingdom based on truth and truth only, Pilate was confused.  He´d never heard of such a kingdom.  He didn´t wait to hear the answer, however,  and immediately “he went outside” (v.38).

This tension hasn´t changed.  The world is not governed by truth, but by delusion (S. Kierkegaard), and liars often seem to get along too well.  They sometimes come to you in sheep´s clothing.  Charming, but full of lies.

If Pilate had waited just a little he would have realized that the incarnate Truth stood right before him, for truth is a person, and that person is our Lord Jesus Christ.  Without Him life is, at the bottom line, a tragic lie.

No matter what miserable condition you are in, don´t lie about it.  Your remedy is not in this world of deceit nor in its false religion and sentimental nonsense, but in Christ, who is the way, the life and the truth.  Not religion, philosophy, Christianity nor a profound creed to be gabbled in church will do, but the glorified Christ embraced in your heart, and His word of truth applied to our practical life before a confused , lying world.  We don´t have to start a wearing campaign against liars.  It´s more powerful to preach the truth!  2. Cor. 4:2

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