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Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Søndag, 16. august 2009 11:00

Jokingly I use to say, ”I collect women, godly women.”  It has pleased God to send a few of them on my way, and several are praying for me.  One of them I saw yesterday.  Her name is Gudrun, a widow (80).  She lives abt. 4 miles from our place, so I bicycled my hilly way to her.

“Can I make you a cup of coffee?” she asked.  “Not right now, I want to enjoy the company with you here in your little garden yard.”  Gudrun once ran into a severe road accident, and her head and everything was damaged.  That´s many years ago, so now she in a pretty good shape. Her mental powers may not be fully up to normal capacity.  But she loves the Lord, pays visit to people who need her and prays for them.  She also has a long list of individuals she prays for. I count it a privilege to be on her list.

I asked her how she reads her Bible, and she told me.  It almost took my breath away as she told me about her reading plan which takes her through the whole Bible once a year.  She doesn´t see well anymore, so she avails herself of a magnifying glass with electric light and gets along fine.  She´s simple, not a scholar type, and yet I prefer her “Bible translation” to many sophisticated Bible renderings, for the word of God is day by day being implemented in her practical life.

“My favorite word is Neh. 8:10, do you know that one?” she smiled.  I happened to know it too, and the radiance of her dear face confirmed the truth of that word, “The joy of the Lord is your strength”. -   It was now coffee time, and then I shared a word with her and asked her to lead us in prayer.  What is fellowship?  Two fellows in one ship, an American friend once told me.  So true whether it´s in a church building or in a garden yard.

I went home joyfully and strengthened by the joy of the Lord.


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