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Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Mandag, 10. august 2009 11:21

(Translated into English)

(A mini article published in Danish TV)

The hysteria following the death of Michael Jackson seems to be endless.  There are good reasons why we should mourn for a talent once so handsome but soon in free fall as a wreck of a man.

And so the posthumous worship of him is absurd.  If his light is still flickering  it´s more like a solemn warning signal to our disillusioned youth to whom the pop culture has become a substitute religion without any solid foundation.  Michael Jackson knew that from own sad experience.

A Danish so called ”Christian” newspaper points out that M.J. was after all a religious man and could write and sing about God, and so that paper takes part in the tribute paid to the ”king of pop”.

However, he was a sad, sad tragedy.  So why go in for a tragedy?  There is a spiritual alternative not to be found in Michael Jackson´s pseudo-religion or pseudo-god, but in the true God whom the Fathers of the U.S. and our country once worshiped in humility and stillness, not on a noisy pop stage with self-destructive drug abusers.


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