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Skrevet af Alan Navaratnam   
Tirsdag, 26. marts 2024 08:07

I´m sorry for having neglected my English speaking friends, but the truth is that most of your “section” has disappeared for some strange reason.

I´m old now (86), but inside this body of clay a born-again man is still there expecting soon to “move out” into “a building from God, … eternal in the heavens.”  And you co-believers enjoy the same blessed hope.

However, I´m not dying right now but long for the thrill of leading souls to Christ anew.  “He brought him to Jesus”  (John 1:42) was one of the words on a white wall in my grandfather´s rented meeting hall in Copenhagen.  I knew already as a spiritually dead boy that this was his true business, though being a successful temporal businessman too.

Little did I know that one day this vision would be my business too despite my many, many weaknesses, and I long for the day when I may also say up yonder, “Behold, I and the children God has given me!”  (Hebr. 2:13).

Because of my physical handicap a taxi picks me up every Sunday taking me to one the state churches.  They are spiritually dead, to put it bluntly, but I´m there to be at God´s disposal as His happy witness.  I won´t go into that now, but  Acts 13:14 spoke to me, “On the Sabbath day they went into the synagogue and sat down…” not to be fed anew with Judaism, but to be ambassadors for Jesus Christ.  This is my alibi for going there as well.

One of my spiritual children in Norway wrote me not long ago: “Today it´s 50 years ago you lead me to the Lord!”  A greeting like that gives me a “taste” for more of that kind of “business”.  Like in the U.S. many are religious inside and outside the church walls, so the gospel baton passed on with the battle cry, “You must be born again” so boldly proclaimed in the days of Billy Graham must never be silenced.  -  8/22/23 - jn

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