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“You have put gladness in my heart!” (Ps. 4:7) Udskriv Email
Skrevet af Alan Navaratnam   
Tirsdag, 31. januar 2023 16:34

At this early hour, I like to put my simple message in English.  After all, most of my Scandinavian friends are well acquainted with that language.  I am I hope when it comes to things that really matter.  Apart from that I feel very inadequate, so I wouldn´t be a good party type in English speaking, gabby surroundings.

 I hope this will be read by our American family too, our three beautiful grandchildren not the least.  I fell in love with them all as they were over here this summer having a rather hard time communicating in Danish which their parents want them to learn.  I miss their radiant faces.

Like in the U.S. a lot of people would ask me the worn-out question “How are you doing?” – the Danes would rather ask, “how goes it?”  This has often been a sweet opportunity to tell them that I´m happy and why I´m happy.

Many Americans have asked me, “Is it true that Denmark is the happiest country in the world?”  I content myself by telling them why I am happy. And yesterday at the health centre where I see so may unhappy looking people I was reminded of this simple, but dynamic word, “You have put gladness in my heart!”  (Ps. 4:7).  This is really true, and “gladness” is our “trade mark”.  Our testimony to the world exude joy and enthusiasm – if not something is wrong.  It´s not Christianity!

I like to speak to children and look into their sparkling eyes when I point to their loving Friend, Jesus. At one time when speaking to a sweet little crowd of Faroese children, I put the question to them, “Imagine Jesus would enter that door right now, so where do you want Him to sit?”  A little girl moved a few inches sideways at her seat to indicate that she wanted Jesus to sit there by her side.

“Do you really want Jesus to sit beside you?”  I asked, and she gave me an encouraging nod.  I never forget that.  Billy Graham was right when he said, you witness with your presence and with your words.”  Our presence comes first, a presence of “gladness”, accompanied by happy words about the joy of salvation.   The world needs such witnesses at a time of war and tensions and much anxiety in old Europe.  So let loose what the Lord has put in your heart!  -  Sept. 27, 2022 - jn

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