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Skrevet af Alan Navaratnam   
Fredag, 23. september 2022 07:33

I was just reminded afresh about being “perfect in Christ” despite the fact that I, too,  “stumble in many ways”  (James 3:2).  It´s not a pretext for doing nothing, but it does welcome God´s free grace, disciplining us to live godly (Tit. 2:11-12) in complete freedom without religious bondage.

Indeed, that gospel truth became a new revelation to my bewildered soul once in the PA “bootcamp”.  It was Rom. 6:13 about presenting ourselves to God as being “alive from the dead” that helped me.  So far I didn´t feel “alive” or able to live up to the high spiritual aspirations of the camp.

But suddenly I “saw” it.  I had already been made alive in Christ!  I jumped up, ran to a lonely spot to pour out my heart in praise and worship, and for two mornings I testified to the students what the gospel means to me.  Some did oppose me, but I didn´t care. “My heart overflowed with a good theme” (Ps. 45:1), a liberating gospel theme.  There´s no good “theme” in ourselves.  Not at all.  Some thought that I went too far and opposed me.

 However, I was very young knowing little of holy warfare. Satan subtly tried to destroy or belittle my testimony but an elderly sister took me aside and taught me how to resist Satan. My perfect position in Christ was intact, but in days to come days He faithfully let me go through painful, maturing experiences that all ended up with even greater joy in Christ in my union with Him so powerfully taught in the Romans.

How did it work?  I got a bold charter of joy and tried to win others.  In Norway it pleased the Lord to let me see some awaking with youngsters despite my utter weakness.  These very days our noble American family is here. I see radiant countenances of three grandchildren (16, 14 and 11) when telling them that Jesus is real and not a magic trick. You see, I knew some funny tricks abroad. -  O, I can´t help it, but with young people I´m on homeground. Nay, on gospel ground.  For He is real!  -  8/23/22 - jn

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