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Skrevet af Alan Navaratnam   
Fredag, 23. september 2022 07:26

Tune: What a Friend We Have in Jesus…

What a great salvation´s wonder

we in Jesus Christ possess,

saved from Sinai´s law and thunder

with its burdens, gloom and stress,

grace is now the word with music

and the cross our only boast

to be known before the public

everywhere from coast to coast!

So the world has no attraction

for our lives but strangers are,

nay, our fullest satisfaction

is our blessed “Morning Star”!  (Rev. 22:16)

He´s the Rock in every trial

and His word is always bright,

let the world be in denial,

we in Christ have found what´s right!

With His zeal I will be preaching

boldly as evangelist,

not all sinners I am reaching,

for their hatred does exist,

yet we won´t be mute and silent,

we His good news must proclaim,

lo, the gospel is our garment,

thus by grace we are aflame!

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