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Skrevet af Alan Navaratnam   
Onsdag, 22. juni 2022 17:14

With a holy pursuit our prayers, though often so strangely inarticulate,  God´s kingdom “are forcibly entered” and seized (Matt. 11:12, NEB), but in the same breath we are by faith resting in the assurance that God will not turn down our prayers but will fulfil them in due time.

Lessons like that the Holy Spirit whispers to the tried soul, who may be chained to a circumstantial prison without any exit.  The apostle Paul  was put in real irons, but we may be put in other sorts of irons, but still like Paul it´s possible to be happy “in the heavenlies” and still be an ambassador for Christ.  (Eph. 6:20).  It´s a consoling thought, isn´t it?

Recently it pleased the Lord to let me break away from my “solitary confinement” (because of some frailties) and let one of the nearby (alas spiritually dead) churches, administered by our ungodly government and its laws, take me to a service in a so called “church car”. 

This is my reason for doing it.  I wanted to meet my Danish people with my testimony possibly at the coffee session after the service and also to the taxi drivers.  Oh, what a privilege.  Church goers usually don´t know what it is to be born again, and the majority of my people are indifferent to God, nay they often take pride in it.

Paul went to Jewish synagogues with his testimony respecting their national tradition, and so do I.  I don´t care as long as I may point to Christ as Savior and Lord.  I was once invited to a Mormon church in this town as they wanted to hear my testimony.  That was okay with me.

So I´m not that isolated.  I feel the trill of being an imperfect “dialogue evangelist” watered by helpless prayers, for “He has regarded the prayer of the destitute”  (Ps. 102:17), for “destitute” or helpless we are, indeed nothing plus God.

May this truth from God´s word encourage you too!  June 17, 2022 - jn

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