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Skrevet af Alan Navaratnam   
Fredag, 13. august 2021 10:49

An adorable little girl (8) said to me at our small family gathering around the Bible, the gospel of Jesus Christ, good singing and praying in a good spirit of fellowship, “Jørn, I want you to give me a Bible!”  I immediately “surrendered” and next time we met I had a beautiful brand-new Bible ready for her.  I had one for her little sister (6) too as I of course don´t make a difference between those two little gems.

She and her Tamil family show up every week for happy fellowship.  The girls are very bold and would sing for us a couple of songs which their mother has practiced with them.  To listen to their simple prayers does something to my old heart.  My wife brings along some refreshments to the table.

Last week I gave them all the beautiful little “heart book”, and I told them how I would sometimes use it and say to people,  “My favorite word is on page 5…” for that page is about  John 3:16.  So we talked in simple language about the meaning of that great word which in Denmark is called “The Little Bible.”  By the way, that “heart book” is a tiny pamphlet with Bible words only without any commentaries.

The little girl who is learning to read (her sister must wait till later this year) was so taken up with that “heart book” that she went up to me and said, “Could you give me one extra copy which I want to give to my best friend?”  John 3:16 made her want to share her joy with her best friend by giving her a “heart book” too.  I gave her several to take with her back home.

And so the girl went home with her parents with the “big” and  “the little Bible”, and I thought how her joy had spoken to me.  The apostle Paul says, “Your faith in God has gone forth everywhere” (1 Thess. 1:8), and this should be true of us too as “born again” ambassadors for Christ.  Haven´t you noticed how natural it is for children to share with others their joy?  When it comes to the good news of the gospel the adult people are often more sluggish and tends to just drag along.

Shame on us!

April 25, 2021  - jn

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