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Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Lørdag, 20. juni 2020 12:15

Tune:  Bless God from whom all blessings flow…

Be bold in Christ, be straight and plain,

Refresh yourself with gospel rain,

For dry is sadly our land

And drained like that Sahara´s sand!

The anxious world is not at ease,

Because of its wide spread disease,

It is a messenger of death,

and has a fatal virus breath!

Does not the Lord about it care?

Where is He in this grave nightmare?

What is His plan with this disease?

When will He send a healing breeze?

What happens we just can´t explain,

But from His Throne He still does reign,

And through it all the gospel call

Does sound to both the big and small!

It´s time for judgment to begin (1 Pet . 4:17)

that deals with each besetting sin,

Praise God, He condescends to start

With a contrite and broken heart!

This message coming from above

Is full of everlasting love,

His grace is not a show nor game,

With zeal instead we Christ proclaim!

March 23, 2020 - jn

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