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Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Mandag, 16. oktober 2017 05:22

In our Sunday afternoon fellowship (this time with only one Iranian family) we were again dwelling on Rom. 1:1-8, this passage being the glorious opening to the powerful epistle to the Romans.

We´ll take our time to dwell much on this epistle to the believers in Rome which, according to the well known Bible expositor Matth. Henry, would today be rather an epistle against Rome, as the Roman church has, as we all know, sadly confused the pure gospel. But so has, by and large, also the Protestant church - at least the Danish state controlled version of the so called "Evangelical Lutheran Church", our national church.

So we have good reasons for "digging" into that fundamental Pauline epistle aiming at becoming good "Romans" in the true gospel sense.

Little Benjamin (6) had this commentary to Rom. 1:4 dealing with the resurrection of "the Son of God in power", -  he said, "Jesus died, but God gave Him strength enough to become alive again..." which reminded me of that little girl (flicka) in Sweden who said to her dad, "Papa, Jesus died, but God made it!"  Children´s remarks are priceless, indeed.

My new spiritual, Iranian child, Amin (34), was not with us as he has now been moved to an asylum centre on the island of Bornholm way out east in the Baltic, but I encouraged our Iranian friend and family father, Mehrab,  to communicate with Amin over his i-phone abt. the Romans.

This he did immediately and a "2 Tim. 2:2-like communication" is going on, and I´m rejoicing.

Next Sunday our fellowship will be in the local Iranian home, and we look to the Lord for more fruit and more growth.  For the mission of the church is - missions!  And we as followers of Christ want to be part of that kind of a church, don´t we?

October 16, 2017 - jn

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