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Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Mandag, 06. marts 2017 11:44

"Could you tell me the way to the toilet?" a lady with a foreign accent asked me at our local railway station.  "Sure, but where are you from?"  "From Brazil"  I was thrilled, indeed, but I could only give her Joh. 3:16 in Portuguese.  (I´ve forgotten that language).  She gave me a beautiful smile.

I was going to pick up my Tamil friend, Alan, and we immediately went home for a delicious lunch, my wife had prepared.  My wife and I amused ourselves by watching how, like the Americans, he made his sandwich with all kinds of fillings.  How we love that dear brother!  But we hastened to move on.  A peace of Christ ruled (Col. 3:15) as Alan was now helped out with another car a his old car had recently been totally smashed up.

Praise the Lord, He didn´t deny us that blessing either.  Instead of shutting ourselves up against Alan, the love of God filled our hearts, 1 John 3:17.

And on it went.  My wife was the driver, and Alan and I had a backseat conference on our way to his home abt. 45 minutes drive from our home. As we soon sat down in their sitting room, a "breaking of bread" meal had been prepared.  That I didn´t know, and my heart was touched.  I had to speak English as the non speaking Danish brother of Alan´s wife, Jessika, was their roomer. The kids still don´t speak any language, but prattle along all right.   I said in Danish to Nataniela, 3, "You are my darling!"  She replied in Danish, "Yes, I am!"  That much Danish she could say.

We thus remembered what the Lord had done for us.  The kids didn´t understand much, but they kept quiet contrary to their custom as little joyful "live wires". They insisted on saying words (unintelligible sounds) of prayer too.  They didn´t say "Amen", but "Thank You!" with shouts of joy. Very unorthodox , or maybe not.  I rejoiced, and so did the Lord I believe.

We agreed on meeting every Sunday now.  We´ll share  the Sundays between us.  Next Sunday it will be in our home.  Alan and I have paid a price for the sake of Christ, but the fellowship within God´s family based on Mt. 18:20 richly compensate for any family loss which is no loss really but rather a gain.

March 6, 2017 - jn

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