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Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Lørdag, 19. november 2016 07:30

"In the streets and in the squares  I sought Him, but I didn´t find Him."  S. of S. 3:2

In the open, "in the streets and in the squares",  I´m limping along.  I don´t try to find Jesus there, for He is not there nor in  old imposing churches  on my way.  I love Him who loved me first, and I long to share Him with others, but I don´t find Him in the crowd nor on the noisy platforms.

And yet He often finds me there.  In the crowd.  Through "coincidences".  Through encounters with unknown individuals who for some reason like to talk to me.  An old lady, maybe in her 80´ies just stopped up and talked to me as she thought she knew me.  She offered to help me across the street, which I kindly declined, but she had my gospel card instead.

Then I almost imagine myself on American soil where so often a car would pull in at the sidewalk to inquire if I´m all right?  Some even gave me a bottle of water.  I sensed the smile of the Lord through it all.  They gave me water, and I gave them my gospel card (living water).

"You´re supposed to be JESUS to your surroundings", and old lady said to me on a street in Yakema, WA.  Her words have followed me, indeed.

I know a dear Danish sister in the Lord whose husband takes her to the hospital maybe three times a week for a dialysis treatment.  She takes Christ with her and get wonderful opportunities of witnessing.

This I find challenging and inspiring.  She doesn´t go to the hospital to seek the Lord but on the contrary she brings Him to others.

Mr Trump has been very much on our lips.  What should we think about Him?  Come what may the point is rather "What do you think about Christ?"  (Mt. 22:42).  To know Him and make Him known is our hallmark at land, at sea, in the air, - and on the streets and squares.

Nov. 19, 2016 - jn 

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