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Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Mandag, 26. september 2016 03:30

I once read that George W. Bush took time in the morning  with his Bible before God while some aircraft of security was humming way up over the White House.  A beautiful picture with which I identified myself.

This is  the kind of a White House I wish for America.  As we all know, Billy Graham in his prime used to be a welcome guest there, and whether or not the president in charge was truly born-again, the very presence of that anointed evangelist spread due respect for the things of God, and mr Graham´s testimony and prayers were always well received.

During the days of president Bush I used to say that I met with him every morning.  In the Danish public that made me queer bordering on insanity. Quiet mornings with the Bible and prayer in the White House may be over.  That I can´t judge about, but on the hidden walls of Zion in the United States there are still spiritual princes with their Bibles and prayers.

I´m sure that whoever wins the election the White House itself likes to know that very fact as long as it´s still the Bible, not the Koran, the new president will lay his hand on at the inauguration pledge in January 2017.
And yet Billy Graham was right when he warned that his country has turned its back on God.

I´m grieved to see some of my Danish Christians friends get involved in making this world better.  "If you think you can do that you´re smarter than God" I remember a friend saying a couple of years before the Lord called him home.  And yet he once served as the mayor of his town in PA.

Memorize Mk.1:15 and you will read God´s gospel program for this bewildered age.

Sept. 26, 2016 - jn

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