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Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Onsdag, 29. april 2015 16:30

I do have an eye for the honorable Starbucks Coffee centres being somewhat influenced by America. I can´t help it, so I walked in and felt good about it, though still being at a local Danish mall.

I told a coffee drinking woman all that.  A witnessing conversation followed like in the U.S.  Billy Graham´s words keep echoeing, “I never go to see people without having a deep realization that I am an ambassador of the King of kings and the Lord of lords.  I rarely leave without attempting to explain the meaning of the gospel…”

I don´t feel dressed without my small folders in 5 languages presenting the Good News. The woman said, “I wish I get to that when I get old…”  I admitted I´m old myself but it happened to me when I was only 14, and she promised to take good care of my small printed message and aired the possibility of even writing to me to have things elaborated on.

I spoke to a young girl, one of the employees. I said to her, “I like your manners, and if you go on like that you will be a success for sure!”  She smiled warmly and immediately offered me a free cup of coffee.  She had my gospel folder also.  “We should cherish good memories”, I said, “or there will be no memories to cherish some day!”

I went to another table where two school girls were doing their homework.  “That reminds me of the U.S. Starbucks”, where I often saw students with their computers and papers”, I smiled.  One of the girls was from London so it went on in English, but I didn´t want to interfere too much, but still my gospel folder with its Danish banner was well received.

I left the Starbucks encouraged and determined to come back to that precious American like drop-in-centre for “spreading the fragrance of Christ” .  Indeed, “to be testified in due time”, 1 Tim. 2:6.

April 29, 2015 – jn

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