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Tirsdag, 18. november 2014 04:14

The  American evangelist, D.L. Moody, was once asked for his ”statement of faith” by responsible spiritual leaders who were going to invite him as speaker. He bluntly referred to Isa. 53 as his statement of faith or creed.

No true follower of our Lord would casually skate over Isa. 53, I believe. This chapter is soaked with the blood of our Savior, Spurgeon said. So do memorize its words for yourself as a holy supplement to your worship.

Read the chapter, too, as a partaker of Christ´s sufferings (1 Pet. 4:13) devoid of “nice feelings”, and yet it´s a source of joy with its promising glory soon to be revealed. Indeed, “with exceeding joy”, O, fellow pilgrim!

Are you going through sufferings? Bitterness in your soul? Mistreatments? Disappointments? Abandonment within the inner circle of friends or family, or ingratitude from those you tried to be kind to or the painful contempt of loved ones to whom you don´t seem to exist?

Then you have some very personal reasons to be in company with Isa. 53. Am I just marketing a profound philosophy?  I hope not. If it hadn´t been for “the Man of sorrows” and His presence, I´m very doubtful if I had ever survived or remained sane, I humbly have to confess.

O, think of Him, despised and rejected by men, stricken, bruised and sick, i.e. sick in  His soul so full of grief, and let Him take on Him your grief, too, as a burden you are invited to cast on Him. Ps. 55:22

Now in closing, if you´re just craving for enjoyment and good feelings within popular, modern Christendom, don´t read this message. It´s not for you.  However, are you among the Lord´s suffering intimates, take courage. We need your fellowship and ministry as you comfort those with the comfort with which you yourself are comforted by God. 2 Cor. 1:4.

Nov. 18, 2014 - jn

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