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Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Fredag, 15. august 2014 05:52

Time and again our Danish TV would portray the religious life in the U.S. and in particular its role in politics.  Being under an atheistic/agnostic rule myself, I always watch such programs with keen interest apart from the fact that in a way I´m an “American” myself.

The screen suddenly starts with a high-pressure American preacher with lively gesticulations, “passionate”  facial expressions, well prepared clichés, accompanied by soft music, shouting loud good gospel words.  What is it about?  Power?  A manifestation of Jesus?  Or just a show?

I shouldn´t say this, since I´m not that much “American”.  But I can´t help thinking of how the Lord walked and talked to people.  There was divine power all right in all He did and said, but surely no stagey means of man centered performance if I understand Matth. 12:19 correctly.  I´m constantly humbled when I realize how much I have to learn myself.

A dear woman said one day to me on a street in Yakima, WA, “Your mission is to be Jesus to your surroundings!”  Simple words akin to what the apostle Paul had already said, “For to me to live is Christ!” Phil. 1:21

You can surely follow me.  As you and I meet our immediate surroundings we don´t want to put on a show nor quarrel, nor cry out (Mt. 12:19).  The word says, “Nor will anyone hear His voice in the streets”, which I take it to mean, Nobody heard His voice in a noisy, quarrelsome sense.

I watched another TV movie on judgmental, Pharisaic Christians.  The point was pushed to the extremes of course, but I said to my wife afterwards, “I may have got a hint on how I may sometimes deal with souls!”  I was thinking of some precious immigrants laid on my heart.  Winning souls is not a stagey business, but calls for the empathy and wisdom of the Holy Spirit and a broken heart on our part, doesn´t it?

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