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Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Torsdag, 19. december 2013 07:00

The hospital surgeon had referred me to a physiotherapist for rehabilitating my frail body.  Reluctantly I went to her  “torture chamber”. My imagination visualized her domicile to be just like that.

I wasn´t fair of course, for she, maybe in her 30´ies or early 40´ies,  happened to be extremely sympathetic. She asked me to tell my “story”.  -  “What kind of Christian are you?  Just a “common” Christian or what?”, she asked.  And the conversation went on.  “I have a hard time with religious people”, I find them very “narrow” and hard to get along with”, she said.

I affirmed my being but a “common” Christian, and that I sometimes have a hard time with “religious people” myself.  In fact they are often my worst opponents.  “What about Jehovah´s Witnesses?” she asked.  -  “Well,  I share with them how  Christ came into my life.  They usually listen, and usually their “programmed” arguments or “sales talk” are ruled out.  This is the way I go about it, no matter whom I´m talking to.”

I suddenly found myself talking to an honest, thinking person.  I told her how real life has become since Christ entered my heart.  I virtually made my arms wide open and said to her, “This is how my life has become!” I asked her, “Am I talking too much? For that´s what my wife always reproaches me with!”  She smiled, “No, I think this is fascinating!”

And soon I was put on a couch and she, like another kneading machine, treated my poor back with my outbursts of pain, but she hopefully did me a lot of good.  At the same time she told me of her three little children, her husband, their good family life, and now it was my turn to be fascinated.  I wanted to win her, and she had already won my heart.

She had my wonderful John 3:16-“silver coin”, and I slowly quoted that key word to her.  “Nobody in Denmark knows it”, I told her, and you don´t either, do you?”  No, she admitted.  “But in America they do”, I went on, and our parting words were almost similar to the concluding words of a gospel meeting.  I look forward to our next appointment, already tomorrow.  Not for “religious” reasons, but for the sake of the gospel.  And my poor back.

Dec. 19, 2013 – jn

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