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Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Fredag, 04. oktober 2013 20:57

How I’m this beautiful Wild West adoring
with all its history, an awesome dream,
to mingle with it is in no way boring,
its kindness I do hold in high esteem!

Wild West is vanishing as new explorers
are raising families with thrill and fun,
I see, too, one of those darkskinned signoras
from Mexico with her dear babyson!

And in the highland in God’s many wonders
has nothing changed, here all is just the same,
in His creation work nobody plunders,
here I do worship my Creator’s name!

The mountains’ snow is in the sunshine basking,
o, what a majesty my eyes can see,
and so the Lord in glimpses is unmasking
how clean up yonder paradise must be!

Indeed,  Wild West may be a court of Heaven,
to heart and mind it does a world of good,
Lord, keep my soul from sin’s deceitful leaven
beneath your glory’s roof near lake and wood!

Yakima, WA, USA – Oct. 4, 201

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