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Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Lørdag, 03. november 2012 07:14

My encounter with Billy Graham happened in my teens in Copenhagen.  In a manly and powerful way he held forth a very simple, pinpointed gospel.  How loved him!  On their way home from his meetings in the 50´ies men and women would ask between themselves, “What is “born again” all about?”

He has many times assured us that he is as pinpointed and direct when he speaks to “important” people face to face.  No wonder he became a role model of mine.

So this is the kind of Billy Graham I visualize when “big shots” call on him for his patriarchal advice:

The political leader: Mr. Graham, it´s such an honor to be your guest today.  You have meant so much to my country when it comes to spiritual values!

Billy: You are very kind, but let me put it straight:  The Bible says,  “Unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God”.

The political leader
:   I do appreciate your emphasis on Christianity as our true, national foundation!

Billy:   No Sir, not Christianity, but Christ is the saving answer to the need of our nation and your personal need also before God!

The political leader: Yes, I recognize my own need for a Christian church, so you are right!

Billy:  But the church as such can´t help you.  You may sit there for years without giving your heart to Christ acknowledging that you are a lost sinner….

And on and on it goes.  This is the Billy many will remember him.  And this is the Billy we still want to see when political leaders make a pilgrimage to the elderly evangelist´s mountain home in western North Carolina – not to be humored or flattered but to hear the message he has preached again and again to millions the world over, “You must be born again!”

And this is the way you and I want to be remembered too as ambassadors for Christ, don´t we?

Nov. 3, 2012, - jn

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