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Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Torsdag, 08. oktober 2009 15:40

”Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.”  Hebr. 13:2

Some precious friends, a young, American couple with their 19 months old baby girl, are visiting our country these days to survey the ground hoping to start missionary work next year together with a devoted, American team.  Their first week was spent with a retired doctor couple in this town, and our American friends were overwhelmed by the warmth of their hospitality.  Compared to what they are used to in the States they got an utmost pleasant “culture shock”.

In the basement of the house were the guest rooms.  Next to the guest rooms was the bedroom of their gracious host and hostess.  At night when the baby started crying that dear retired couple would in turn get up, go to the baby, take her up, soothe her and make her sleep again so that the parents could have their badly needed rest as they were still suffering from a heavy jetlag.  Touching and sweet, isn´t it?

Most American Christians have the idea, I think, that social contact can only be cultivated on church premises, their private homes being very private.  But they just cheat themselves.  Sad to say many Danish homes have been “Americanized” also, so the American “way of life” is coming this way too.
My Danish/Norwegian son-in-law in Copenhagen told me that yesterday a missionary couple with their three children suddenly rang their door bell.  They are working in Ukraine, and the unexpected reunion was wonderful.  It was such a joyous surprise, and my son-in-law and his family were soon entertaining “angels”, indeed.  It was Sunday, and of course there was immediately an open possibility for that missionary couple to share their hearts in the church.  (Personally I believe that a church should always give access to a surprise like that and not be too closely tied up with a programmed service).

I don´t know if hospitality is a charismatic gift or not, but it´s in the Bible.  You don´t have to have a wealthy home to show hospitality.  I´ve met people who had very little but practiced biblical hospitality to the best of their ability and were richly blessed themselves.  Itinerant preachers shouldn´t, in my opinion, be referred to a hotel, but a room should be prepared for them in a private home similar to what Paul enjoyed with Philemon (v. 22).  It would be unthinkable that I go ministering in say Norway or Germany without enjoying that kind of hospitality which is certainly a blessing to all parties, especially to those who like the ministry of angels!


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