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Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Fredag, 20. januar 2012 04:46

“Grateful to Almighty God for life and liberty we establish this Constitution”.

What do the Americans know about Mormonism?

The question raised is relevant as Mormonism to which Mitt Romney is committed teaches “a plurality of Gods” (Joseph Smith).

The Declaration of  Independence speaks of “the Almighty God” – “the Author of Existence” – “the Supreme Ruler of the Universe”.

I bet that most Americans don´t know what Mormonism stands for as little as the Danish people know what Jehovah´s Witnesses teach.  And so the reasoning may be, “Mormon or not, if he does a good job as a political leader and sticks to moral virtues, so what?  Isn´t that what counts? Don´t we believe in the same God?”

However, Mormonism´s concept of God is sickening.  It teaches that God has a tangible body of flesh and bones and has a wife recognized as our “Heavenly Mother”.  They also teach that God became God to which dignity he qualified himself by his righteousness.  “We have imagines and supposed that God was from all eternity.  I will refute that idea.  God himself, the father of us all dwelt on earth the same as Jesus Christ himself did, and you´ve got to learn to be gods yourselves!”  (Joseph Smith).

So a Mormon candidate for president has to decide in honesty:  Will he commit himself to The Declaration of Independence (speaking of one Almighty God) or will he hold on to the polytheistic teachings of the Mormon Church?

At the inauguration he will swear on the Bible, but does he in reality and in his heart swear on The Book of Mormon?

Now, if you confront Mormon missionaries with these issues they will probably get annoyed and say something like this, “This is not what we came for to discuss, - we go by the Bible as much as you do!”

What do we stand for?

Some years ago I met in this town, on the road, two Mormon missionaries, an American and a Dane.  They had the Bible with them, so I was permitted to read some Bible verses to them at the same time giving my testimony.  They got enthused and immediately invited me to say to a big group meeting next week what I´d just said to them.  I accepted the invitation provided that they would give me complete liberty to say what was on my heart. 

So I did, and I could tell by some open faces that several were listening.  But then I was vehemently opposed by some leaders who wanted to start a discussion.  I politely thanked them for the invitation, but realized that I couldn´t accomplish anything and I parted with them.

That was in summer time.  Later in winter I met in town one of the young Mormons, an American, he gladly recognized me despite my winter clothing and said, “I don´t forget what you said, - you said that Jesus died in full public for our sins, and that we should take a public stand for Him…”  I prayed that the Spirit of God would draw that young man to the gospel of the cross.

Mitt Romney would probably disarm you with a big, charming smile if you confronted him with the abominations of his church (which claims to be the only true church on earth) and tell you that his job is to serve the U.S. and get its problems solved rather than preaching Mormonism (which he has diligently done as a Mormon clergy and missionary).

The kids don´t accept dishonesty

The children at a school in Tennessee challenged me and asked, “What does the Danish flag stand for?” implying “Is that what you stand for too?” and I told them what the cross on our flag stands for and that´s what I stand for too.  I didn´t say to them, “What I stand for is immaterial, - my job is to tell you about Denmark in general and read a couple of Hans Christian Andersen stories.”  Children wouldn´t accept an inconsistency like that.

But adult people do.  Even if Satan himself takes over to miraculously save us from the economic crisis and the big question of unemployment, the people would say, “Hail! You are the one we want!”

Well, that day will come if I´ve understood my Bible correctly.  The masses will believe the lie and be deceived “because they received not the love of the truth that they might be saved”  (2 Thess. 2:10).

The challenge

Fellow Christians, don´t be on the defensive.  Stand up for Christ and for the truth.  Preach the gospel.  “Do the work of an evangelist!”  (2 Tim. 4:5) and keep yourself “unspotted from the world”  (Jam. 1:27).  For time is short!

Jan. 20, 2012 – jn

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