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Skrevet af Jørn Nielsen   
Lørdag, 24. december 2011 01:39

Many years ago the vicar in his Lutheran parish church, on the country side in Western Denmark, finished his Christmas sermon by saying, “And now we do wish from our hearts a Merry Christmas too our Lord!”  I was not there, but an old missionary to China was, and she narrated the story once we were together in Copenhagen.

That reminds me of the children, one year ago, who in a small Baptist church in Clovis, CA, sang from the platform “Happy birthday, Lord Jesus, happy birthday to You…”  Very original and very touching.  At least their singing went right to my heart.

Our countries have a Christmassy culture all right saturated with idolatry, paganism, gluttony and a commercial overheating.  In fact, the Danish (and Scandinavian) word for Christmas is “jul”, a strange little word the origin of which goes back to real paganism, to the feast of solstice (please look up that word!), a feast of light around Dec. 24.  It was celebrated with orgies as the darkest day of the year (Dec. 22) was now over and the days would eventually become lighter.

Some self-righteous sourpusses think I´m pretty naïve.  But I look at it in this way:  The shining light from the gospel of Jesus Christ has by far outshined the man made lights and our ingenuity about Christmas scenery.  It´s a wonderful opportunity to point to Christ.  I just saw a picture of a young girl in CA walking around with a big poster which said, “Merry Christmas – it´s all about Jesus!”  Her winning smile brought her in witnessing contact to her surroundings.  Just after the heart of the Lord, I believe.

Just yesterday my local newspaper was kind enough to have printed a Christmas article the Lord gave me grace enough to write.  The lay-out was beautiful and conspicuous, an illustration that went with it was very relevant, and I thanked God for another opportunity to “use” the Christmas for the glory of Christ in, mind you, a secular, godless newspaper. 

And so I make the words of the young girl in California mine, “It´s all about Jesus!”  I´m sure that´s what you want to say too!

Dec. 24, 2011 – jn

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